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Eco Cord

It is reported that in excess of 10,000 square miles of carpet is thrown into UK landfill sites every year. In order for this fully biodegrade it must be subjected to UV sunlight and regularly doused with water and this process, according to research, would take a staggering 250,000 years!

People now widely appreciate that landfill on such a scale cannot be sustained indefinitely. However, despite pressure form environmental groups as well as government measures, such as taxes on waste materials and legislation to restrict the type and amount of waste that companies are allowed to put to landfill, the problem has reached almost epidemic proportions.

There has to be a solution. A solution that not only protects the environment but also changes the way that we think about waste floorcoverings.

There is .....
EcoCord... the recyclable carpet!


Technical Specification


Recyclable Fibre-bonded floorcovering.

Pile Composition: 

100% Polypropylene.

Pile Weight: 

900 gsm (Total weight 1000gsm).

Total Height: 


Roll Length: 

30 metres


2 + 4 metres


BS4790 - 1987 (1996) Hot Metal Method when fully adhered < 30 mm Low.


BS EN 1963 Test A 1998 Lisson Tretrad Test.
Class 4. Suitable for contract locations.

Castor Chair:


Colour Fastness: 

BS 1006 / To Light 6+. To Shampoo 4 + 5, Wet rubbing 4-5 Dry Rubbing 4-5

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Installation Instructions

Contract: Should be bonded direct on to a smooth dry sub-floor complying to BS5325 1996 using a peelable adhesive such as Styccobond F40.

Castor Chair: Recommended use of chair pads for intense use locations.
BS EN 985

Please note: For technical reasons, as with all textile materials it is not possible to colour match from different batches. Orders that need to colourmatch should be placed at the same time.